6th International REIACTIS Conference "Inclusive society and ageing"



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After Dijon, Santiago de Chile and Lausanne, in 2020 the international REIACTIS conference will be returning to France. With representatives attending from more than 32 countries, this is a key global forum for Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) researchers working in the field of ageing.

With more than 20 sessions translated into French, English and Spanish, these meetings provide an opportunity for many different strands of research, scientific networks and methods to come together through dialogue that fosters a wide range of viewpoints on the issue of the inclusive society and ageing.

The event will be organised around a number of topics aimed at examining to what extent contemporary societies are inclusive, particularly with regard to the adaptation of towns, cities and living environments, social and political participation, welfare and abuse, and the importance given to the end of life.

The issue of the inclusive society also encompasses other topics such as the training of professionals and family members and involving carers in the support of vulnerable people. It also calls for reflection on the use of new technologies in caring for older people and in-depth knowledge of the different groups of service users (elderly women, older immigrants, the ageing of people with disabilities, etc.).

All these fields in the humanities and social sciences encourage interdisciplinary encounters with other specialities (including medicine and engineering for example). These encounters will also set the stage for defending the key role HSS can play in urban areas, by including discussions with public decision-makers and civil society stakeholders at the local, national and international levels alike.




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